You are exactly what we wished for.

September 8, 2016

“You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
E.E. Cummings

So sorry I have not replied to all my emails, I have a load of work emails and messages to return and aim to get back to everyone in the next 24 hours so I apologise if you have not heard back from me yet.

The reason for the late replies is this little lady entered our lives on the 28th of August and has been keeping me busy since. After a 52 hour labour and a five day stay in hospital we finally got to bring Robyn Elizabeth Brennan home and our lives have been turned upside down since. For anyone that knows me they know I am not a major fan of babies. I have been known to leave a room once a baby entered and it was an on going joke at my work that I would disappear if a client arrived with a baby. I loved spending time with clients cute babies on photoshoots but was never a massive fan of the thought of having one. Much preferred animals!

That was until last Sunday morning at 2am, everyone was right and I was so wrong. I was convinced when our baby arrived I would be back shooting weddings 12 days later and back to normal after a couple of weeks. Now she is here I can’t imagine being parted from her. Her dad is equally besotted with her and can spend hours just watching her. Not only has she cast a spell on us but she also has three uncles who adore her and lots of family who have fallen for her too.

Thank you to all the visitors who came and saw us at hospital and for all the lovely gifts she has received, she is spoilt already!

Welcome to the family tiny Robyn, let the adventure begin…

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