La Kaiser Jewellery Fairytale Photoshoot // Scotland

October 1, 2018


La Kaiser Jewellery Fairytale Photoshoot // Scotland.

This is the second time I have shot for the gorgeous Chicago based jewelry brand La Kaiser . Yet again I fell in love with all the collection! See our previous shoot here.

Everything about this brand appeals to me. From the fact they donate a percentage of profit to charity to the use of colors and metals. La Kaiser is a line of jewelry made up of simplistic pieces with a touch of contemporary and a pop of color. They primarily use opals, rainbow moonstones, diamonds, rose quartz and turquoise throughout their collections. Each item is beautiful on its own  with delicate details. But when you start stacking the rings together they really create an impact.  All the colors and tones sit well together so you can really mix it up and create a look of your own. For brides looking for something unusual and modern they also have a bridal range.

Featured in Vogue, Glamour and R29, La Kaiser is fast becoming the jewelry brand to go to if you are looking for something different and unusual.

Cindy the creator of La Kaiser describes her collections “Designing and manufacturing my jewelry locally between Chicago and Los Angeles. I donate a percentage of the profits to charity. I draw upon my colorful travels and European adventures for design inspiration.”

I had been approached by the brand as they liked images from A Scottish Fairytale Series and wanted images featuring their new collection. They gave me the freedom to do what I liked and the only stipulation was to try and bring all the pieces back in one piece ;). Actually a lot trickier than it sounds when you are knee deep in heather trying to balance multiple delicate tiny rings.

Many thanks to my lovely models Gabby and Nicola for being game for anything and braving the cold!

La kaiser jewellery fairytale photoshoot scotland La kaiser jewellery fairytale photoshoot, Scotland La kaiser jewellery fairytale photoshoot scotland