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Glasgow Newborn Photographer // Baby Marcus

Its true that the first few months with a newborn is like being in a special bubble. Every little smile, movement and the fact that they change each week is amazing to watch and nothing can beat the feeling it brings. The cliche that they grow fast is so true, thats why its so important to have reminders that they were once so small. Baby Marcus was such a lovely calm little chap. Taking him out in the spring sunshine for a walk in Kelvin Grove Park and happily fell asleep with his mum and dad.

His Mum and Dad were glowing with happiness just looking at him and have a wonderful year ahead of them of new adventures ahead.

Glasgow Newborn Photographer – If you would like to book a newborn photoshoot then just get in touch.

Glasgow Newborn Photographer baby MarcusGlasgow Newborn Photographer baby MarcusGlasgow Newborn Photographer baby MarcusGlasgow Newborn Photographer baby Marcus

Family Photographer Bearsden – Szabo Family

Family Photographer Bearsden. Family photoshoots are never boring! I always go with lots of patience and look forward to them as they are always great fun full of energy. It helps that I adore babies and love spending time with kids as enjoy their chats and the way they look at the world. Baby Olivias was no exception. We did a newborn shoot with Olivia and then her big sister Ryan joined her. Lots of protective cuddles from her big sister who dotes on her. And then her mum and dad joined her for some family photos. It was a delight to photograph this lovely family. Its made all the more special as they are soon to return back to Maryland in the US to be close to family so it was great to capture them at their family home in the UK with some memories for them to treasure.

If you would like to enquire about a family photoshoot then just come get in touch.

Family Photographer Bearsden Family Photographer Bearsden Family Photographer Bearsden Family Photographer Bearsden Family Photographer Bearsden Family Photographer Bearsden





Newborn Photographer Ayrshire // Barclay

Newborn Photographer Ayrshire – I love newborn photography. I never get tired of meeting little babies, they are fascinating to watch. Their little eyes taking in everything. The way they wave their arms and feet around like its going to some how get them somewhere.

Newborn shoots are always a little unpredictable because little ones have their own idea of what they want to do. Barclay was a natural on his baby photoshoot. He was amazed by the camera and spent the whole time watching me and was a joy to photograph.

I travelled down to West Kilbride in Ayrshire to meet baby Barclay and his Mum and Dad at their beautiful home. Thank you so much for booking me Lizzie and Ewan and letting me capture these beautiful moments of your little family.

If you are interested in booking a newborn photoshoot then just get in touch.

Newborn photography Scotland Newborn Photographer Ayrshire Newborn Photographer Ayrshire Newborn Photographer Ayrshire

2017 Highlights


2017 Highlights

Romantic wedding photographer Scotland

Finally! Its only taken me 4 weeks to get round to this! My 2017 highlights. It was so hard choosing these as 2017 was better than I could have ever imagined. Shooting couples in Scotland, England, Paris and even Thailand, I had the most amazing year and met such fantastic people. From barn weddings to beaches, Castles to city centres, its been one beautiful wedding after another. And to fill the time between these I have been lucky enough to shoot some of the cutest babies in Scotland from newborns to cake smashes!

We also managed to get involved with some charity work with Reservoir Sprogs baby and toddler event raising money for the romanian appeal and also Loch Lomond rescue boats.

All my couples, families and babies that I have photographed have been wonderful. I loved putting this together and seeing all these faces again on my screen. Iv cried tears of joy listening to vows and speeches, sweated in tropical heat, been booted out the Louvre 😉 stood in amongst groups of sparklers and danced with families in the dark, chased tinys around locations, traipsed around the highlands, had christmas baubles lobbed at my head by toddlers in my studio to name a few and I cant wait to see what 2018 will bring…its already set to be a good one 😉



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Ashley Family photoshoot


I was delighted when Ashley got in touch about having a fine art photography family photo session in Chatelherault Country Park in Glasgow.

She wanted to capture some beautiful photos of her girls. We met up at Chatelherault Country Park where I got to meet her gorgeous family.  The girls,  Zara and Gracie are so adorable and had their dad and mum chasing around after them.

Even after an hour these two where still full of energy and fun. Both girls have such spark and character.  Gracie was not scared of anything and both girls where so warm and friendly.  Zara was so good entertaining her little sister Gracie and exploring in the buttercups. Despite somehow sitting in knettles Gracie was completely unfazed. She spent the time on the move smiling and laughing at the camera and showing off her reversing down steps move. You can tell growing up these two are going to have each other backs and be the best of friends and inseparable. Your two little princess’s are gorgeous Ashley. You have a lovely family, thank you for booking me for your photography family photo session in Glasgow I enjoyed getting to meet you all and spend time with you.

If you are interested in booking a fine art family photo session then just get in touch.





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Baby photographer Glasgow west end

I love babies! We shot Bobbys Baby Photography session in Bearsden at the Reservoir charity event where I had a pop up studio.

It was a fab day and Bobby was completely unfazed by all the noise and excitement going on, he was full if smiles and had a great time with his mum and gran. He took part in the gymboree hosted by the fab gymboree team and even had time for some baby massage! You would think by the time it came round to his photos he would be fast asleep but nope. He beamed away for the camera and looked adoringly at his mum.

His mum Briane looks amazing and already has little Bobby in a great routine, he already sleeps through the night and loves his food. He needs to come and have a word with my daughter!

Thanks for booking me and I loved meeting smiley Bobby, if you are interested in booking  baby photography session you don’t need to to based in Bearsden, I happy to travel, just get in touch!



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Eeeee tiny babies! Love them! I love taking their pictures and I love staring at their wee faces when editing. This is little Isla, one of Robyns wee friends, we have known Isla since she was a month old and it is so great to see her changing. She is an active wee lady and has already started rolling and has also just discovered her feet!

3 month old baby photoshoot

We have had a fantastic 2016, from travelling to New York, moving house, welcoming Robyn into the world, lots of beautiful weddings, tiny babies and family photoshoots.

With a visit to New York, wedding at Southend Barns, and other beautiful locations in England. We have also had lots of family and baby photoshoots in the studio and out on location.

2017 is set to be a big adventure with a some great weddings booked all over the world! Cant wait to see what this next year will bring.






Newborn Baby Christmas photoshoots

Newborn Photographer Glasgow West End

We have had some gorgeous wee babies in the studio this month for some fun xmas photoshoot fun. Here is a wee sneak peak of some of the lovely faces I have had the pleasure of shooting this month. All these little ones have just turned 3 months old and are already so alert.

If you would like to enquire about booking in for a newborn photoshoot then get in touch.


newborn photographer glasgow west end




newborn photographer glasgow west end

newborn photographer glasgow west end



newborn photographer glasgow west end



newborn photographer glasgow west end

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0334 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0326

newborn photographer glasgow west end

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0277 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0266

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0259 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0257 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0242 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0244 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0229

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0209 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0208 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0204 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0191 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0172 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0181 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0164

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0161 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0155 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0149 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0140

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0122 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0110 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0100

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0092 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0072 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0070

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0068 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0061 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0050 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0046

newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0040 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0036 newborn-baby-christmas-photoshoot-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-12-07_0034 3-month-old-baby-girl-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-11-24_0021 3-month-old-baby-girl-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-11-24_0020 3-month-old-baby-girl-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-11-24_0015 3-month-old-baby-girl-glasgow-scotland-fine-art-photography-roma-elizabeth2016-11-24_0011